01 June
31 August
09 June  
31 August
2.5 Kilometres
1.5 Miles
FIshing Zones


South: Private
North: Public
6 Adults
2 Juniors
Average Size
15 - 18 Lbs
6.8 - 8.1 Kg
82 Landed
36 Lost
1 Ghillie

1 each zone
1 each zone

The famous Kengis Bruk beat is located on the Torne river, a classic salmon fishing beat, that annually delivers great catch results, throughout the short but intense season, opening for fishing on the 2nd full week of June and closes August 31st. There are fresh fish running all season.

Kengis Bruk offers fantastic salmon fishing on 2.5km of private water, with three zones and seven pools to explore, for only 6-8 rods per week.

The Kengis rapids are some of the largest in the river system, which drops a full 20 meters over the course of a 600 meter run. Both at the top and bottom of the rapids are well known places for big salmon to hold up and rest before continuing their journey upstream.

The Torne river's average weight for fly caught Salmon is 15-18lbs, while many fish 20lbs + are common and fish running into the 30 - 40lbs calss are caught every year. In 2015, local angler Kristian Stridsman landed a monster fish of 43.7lbs after a short but intense 15-minute battle in the boat pool below the rapids.

June offers the best chance of a big fresh fish but the peak main runs are usually in early to mid July. Many fish arrive and occupy pools until season close offering a chance at a fish of a lifetime at any moment, as the larger early run fish change to their spectacular full spawning colours and become aggressive towards intruders.

The season starts on 15 June and this is when the big fresh springers will be making their way up river alongside returning kelts. Conditions at the start of each season can vary quite dramatically but water levels may be high with water temperatures from 8-14C.

Summer begins from late June, early July and this is when the bulk of the MSW fish start to arrive. Fish average 15lbs but there are still good chances of 30lb+ fish. Water temperatures fluctuate from 12-18C and call for floating lines and small flies.

As the season progresses the spring and summer salmon which whose activity will have dropped off during the warmer weeks start to get restless, stirred up by bright silver Osenka winter run salmon who will also be making their way up river. Water temperatures from 10-15C call for floating and or sub surface lines with small to medium flies in the day and larger flies as the night falls.


6 Adults
2 Juniors
1 twin
2 twin - triple
2 Toilets
2 Showers
Plus dining area
EU - 220 V
Multiple spaces
Roads & paths

The old school at the heart of Kengis Bruk will reopen as a self-catering lodge accommodation fro fishing guests in summer 2017. Situated 50m from the Kengis Rapids overlooking the Torne river, the newly redesigned lodge will feature 3 twin bedrooms for an exclusive 6 guests a week, 3 bathrooms 1 with a shared facility for all guests, a large communal lounge/dining room and complete kitchen with cooking facilities. Each bedroom will also come with a high quality pull out sofa bed to make triple rooms when needed.

Outside there is a sheltered area for drying waders and hanging up rods for the night or during breaks as well as a large area with tables, chairs and bbq for outdoor recreation. Directly across the road from the lodge is a large parking area for all guests and there is a path down to the river at Zone 2 below the rapids and you can continue down to Zone 3 following the river bank or path up through the woods. Guests can follow the road up the river to Zone 1 and park by the river at the old Kengis Cabins, or alternatively guests can walk up following the rapids.

The new Kengis Bruk Lodge will also have a selection of souvenirs available to buy on site including favourite Salmon flies specially tied for Kengis Bruk. Also available by request to your ghillie will be moose meat from the Kengis Bruk estate. Please carry SEK currency.


Double hand rods from 12-18 feet in class 6-12. Switch rods from 11 feet class 5-7. Single hand rods from 9-10 feet in class 5-9.

We suggest coming prepared with shooting heads and or versi tips with variable sinking rates in floating down to the heaviest sinking densities. Most of our fishing is within the floating to Sink 2 range. Depending on water temperatures, depth and speed, it may be necessary to go down to a heavier range of multi density lines between Sink 1 and Sink 7. We recommend both full length and compact heads for both wide open and short range fishing situations.

10-20 feet tapered leaders with a tippet range between 0.25mm and 0.52mm. For colder water conditions expect leader lengths to be as short as 4 feet. Tippet from 0.38mm to 0.52mm.

The most important thing is that you believe in the fly! The name and or style of the fly comes second. Make sure you bring flies in sizes from 2cm - 10cm, bigger flies up to 15cm-20cm can be used in early season high and cold water conditions during June. Make sure your hooks are strong and sharp!

Banana - Phatakorva - Sunray Shadow - Monkey - The Usual - Willie Gunn - Black & Green - Black & Yellow - Grey & Green - Cascade - Rapala - Editor - Thunder & Lightning - Kinermony Killer - Beiss

Layers are definitely the key! You will need warm underwear and thick socks, wool/merino wool is best. A warm hat and a warm down or primaloft jacket will be needed for the cold nights and mornings, waders and a wading jacket or any other type of shell jacket.

Mosquito spray or roll on mosquito repellent such as "Jungle Oil" or "Mygga" is strongly advised. A wading staff is always good to have on hand, a life jacket is advised for guests who require the extra security and don't forget your camera to capture the special moments!


Kiruna, SE
Via Stockholm Arlanda ARN - 1h 45m
2h 15m to Kengis Bruk
Airlines - SAS & Norwegian
Hire Cars - Avis, Europcar & Hertz
Luleå, SE
Via Stockhom Arlanda ARN - 1h 15m
2h 45m to Kengis Bruk
Airlines - SAS & Norwegian
Hire Cars - Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Mabi & Sixt
Rovaniemi, FI
Via Helsinki HEL - 1h 15m
1h  45m to Kengis Bruk
Airlines - Norwegian & Finnair
Hire Cars - Avis, Budget, Europcar, Finn-Rent,
Firent, Green Motion, Hertz, Scandia Rent & Sixt



10 - 15 minutes drive - 6.4 kilometres / 4 miles

Pajala town is the closest local community to Kengis Bruk with everything you would expect to find at home. There are 2 supermarkets in the town, ICA and COOP within 100m of each other. There are 2 gas stations both located at the edge of the town accessed by the main roads, each station has a 24 hour card payment system at the pump. There are a number of restaurants and bars within the main town including fast food, buffet, take away catering and sit down menus. There is a fishing and hunting store in the main town called Vildmarksmekka that specialises in fly fishing equipment, just across the road there is another outdoor store that also stocks fishing equipment as well as a wider selection of outdoor clothing. There is also an atm, general stores and A&E.

Sweden’s laws on alcohol prohibit general stores from selling drinks with more than 3.5% alcohol in, but light beers are available to buy from the supermarkets. If you would like to purchase other alcohol for your stay there is a specific off license alcohol store called “Systembolaget” where you can buy anything you may want, they have a large selection of Swedish and globally imported products available.

Sweden generally is a little more expensive than the UK, we would estimate that food, drinks, alcohol would be more or less 50% more than usual. The local currency is SEK Swedish Kroner however 99% of any purchases are all accepted via credit card including Pajala town. You may need cash for independent stores or individual services.

Tipping is not mandatory but we would recommend tipping your ghillie as you would on your home waters, if you are happy with the service they provide. It is roughly 10 SEK to £1 / €1 for your reference.


It is our mission to support and introduce more junior anglers into the fly fishing community, specifically Baltic Salmon fishing and encourage more young people to go outdoors and experience the best that nature has in-store for us. Therefore each week of the salmon fishing season at Kengis Bruk we are offering 2 free places for U18's when booked, accompanied and sharing a rod with a full paying adult joining a full group of 6 adult guests. Total of 6 adults and 2 juniors per week.

Our hope is to inspire the next generation to discover a passion for fly fishing for salmon, learn multiple casting and fishing techniques, create their own flies and find their favourite patterns, gain a deeper appreciation for the species and their incredible life cycle, as well as the nature that they are found in, the local traditions that hold a valuable importance to the history and future of these fish and their rivers.

If you would be looking to join a group booking with a junior guest, we will kindly ask the other guests if they would agree to additional guests on the river and at the lodge with the understanding that Junior guests will be sharing their rod with an adult guest.

The current accommodation arrangements allow for up to 2 adults and 1 junior per room of which there are 3 in total. Each room has 2 single beds and a sofa bed.

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Arrive at Kengis Bruk 16:00pm.

On arrival at Kengis Bruk you will be greeted by the on site ghillie who will get you settled into your accommodation, brief you on your weeks fishing and answer any questions you may have. Your ghillie will be your contact for the week to help you on and off the river.

Fishing at Kengis Bruk 24 hours a day.

The ghillie at Kengis Bruk will help coordinate with all guests a small rotation system of the three zones with 2 rods fishing each zone at a time. If all guests are happy to rotate a single zone this can also be arranged and communal areas around fire places can be set up for spectating fishers waiting their turn.

A plan will be arranged between all guests and the ghillie as to when individuals will be on the river should guests wish to fish on when others have hung up their waders for the night.

Depart Kengis Bruk 10:00am.


2021 dates coming soon!


- Six 24 hour fishing days on 2.5km single bank private water
- Seven nights twin room accommodation at the lodge
- Linen, towels and lodge cleaning
- Arrival day introduction to the fishery
- 6 days ghillie service (8 hour day max)


- Any travel e.g flights, baggage, transfers or hire cars
- Any travel or personal insurance
- Any food, food preparation, drinks or alcohol
- Gratuities to lodge staff


Bookings at Kengis Bruk open on the 01st October each year before the following open season. To secure a booking you will need to fill out and return a booking confirmation form with a non-refundable deposit payment of 50% of the full price of your trip.

The Balance payment for your booking will be due 60 days before your arrival date at Kengis Bruk.

We also have "Terms & Conditions" and "Health & Safety" agreements and a "Guest Information" form in case of emergencies that will all need to be completed and signed before travelling.

+44 (0) 7983 457 451
Contact to set up a call!
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