Kengis Bruk

June 2016 Update

2016 Summer salmon season at Kengis Bruk is underway again and what a huge turn of events to 2015. With an exceptionally early ice melt and warm temperatures in the air and water, the river was already in a fishable condition with fish running at the end of May and it was no surprise that the first came on the 01st June!

We are thankful to see an increase in anglers booked for the season but first we have the Hooke film crew from Canada who joined us in towards the middle of the month to make a fantastic film project about Baltic Salmon fishing in the North of Sweden and we had more action than we had anticipated, 21 fish landed in 3 days with 15 on film, this is going to be an excellent movie when it comes out.

Most of the fish landed have been in the 10 - 18lbs region with a couple fish in the low 20's and a couple of big fish that were lost to hard battles. It looks as though we could be experiencing a record run of fish on the Torne river as the end of the month we are already up to 40,000+ in the system. Looking forward to what July brings!