August 2016 Update

Having worked with both Camp Onka on the Lainio river and Kengis Bruk on the Torne river during the previous season, we decided to explore more opportunities on the waters that separate the two, with a brand new fishing package on the Kangos FVO waters on the lower Lainio river.

2016 season has been spectacular and both Kengis Bruk and Camp Onka have seen some great catch rates and big fish either lost or entered into the history books, so what could we expect from the Kangos waters. The lower Lainio river is every bit as expansive and majestically beautiful as the Camp Onka private waters upstream and it was no surprise to find the river teaming with fish and waves of fresh fish entering the pools every hour.

During a 10 day visit we landed 21 fish to 8 guests between 15 - 24lbs both fresh and resident males and females, it was a spectacular display of Baltic Salmon fishing at it's absolute best. Some of the fish were so strong that a 1km chase down stream was neccessary to gain control of them.

The Lainio river is truly a special place and we look forward to creating some really rugged fly fishing packages exploring the 32km of double bank water on offer here, trekking and using float boats. Looking forward to what 2017 may bring!