Kengis Bruk

July 2017 Update

July continued to be a struggle for our guests and finding some willing fish to take the flies. Many fish have been seen leaving the top of the kengis rapids and quickly moving up river, so we focussed on the top section of the beat specifically swinging large flies at the lip of the rapids to try and ambush a few unsuspecting fish, finally this started to yield real results, unfortunately 10% of the takes stuck and only half the fish hooked were kind enough to stay in the pool, the rest braved the journey back down the harsh Kengis Rapids.

Water temperatures persisted at 13 - 16 degrees making all day time fishing very tough, so a lot of time was focussed on the night morning hours. A good number of fish in the high teens were landed mid to end of July and a fantastic 112cm 27lbs fell to Eva-Lena Henriksson here very first Salmon and what a way to start!

It is no secret now that the numbers of fish running the Torne system in 2017 is dramatically down from last season we are expecting no more than 40,000 and in contrast to last season it seems as though many of the fish have either run straight through towards Lainio and Torne headwaters or judging by the boat fishing action on the lower Torne river and Muonio river it seems many fish have chosen the Muonio path below us.

With each year we experience something new and keeps the fishing interesting and educational. Looking forward to what August may bring!