Kengis Bruk

June 2017 Update

Another season is upon us and 2017 could not have started in a more polar opposite way to 2016. With a very late spring summer transition the ice melt on the river did not happen until the latter part of May and water and air temperatures stayed incredible low, but with no rain or steady ice melt the water levels dropped to summer low levels right away. For what ever reason this seems to have held the fish back from running, it was not until the latter part of June that we started seeing any real numbers of fish entering the pools.

The few fish that made it up to Kengis Bruk did not seem to want to hang around as the activity in the river was hot for 5 minutes or less before going deafly silent again, a few fish were picked up but nothing like what we are used to, combined with very hot days and flash rain, the river is up and down like a yo yo but no real numbers of fish just yet.

Finally in the later weeks a few more fish started showing up and none other Scott Mackenzie managed a cracking fish of 32lbs out of the island pool and landed down in Sauvikuoppa.

​Looking forward to a more productive July.