June 2018 Update

Another season has come around and this time it's severe low water for everyone and every salmon river in Europe it would seem. The ice broke quickly and the sun helped the snow pack dissipate at record speeds that in turn kicked out a phenomenal amount of water all in one go, leaving us all with water levels at the lowest since the 1980's. It was evident that not many fish are choosing to run the rivers or are indeed moving through the pools very slowly.

Short bursts of rain provided a few minor lifts in rain and pushed through a good number of fish but landing them has proved almost impossible. Many locals and regulars to the area hooked many fish but most have been lost through straightened hooks or broken leaders and some even broken fly lines, these fish are clearly not to be messed with, or perhaps the loch ness monster is away playing on holiday. Either way none of us have seen these monster fish that keep busting us up.

Unfortunately no catches to report on our annual 2 weeks at Jockfall but many hearts taken prisoner by the Kalix river and it's beasties in the depths below. looking forward to 2019 and some better conditions!